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Does this Custom Dash Pass the the MP3Car test?

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  • Does this Custom Dash Pass the the MP3Car test?

    I just finished the second dash peice that i have done (first one died while trying to strip the paint..haha) and just wanted to show you guys and see what you think.

    For this one i think i am going to leave it black. The last one I did I custom matched the paint and i put a few to many coats on trying to get the right color and it looked crappy. I like the black and it matches other peices in the car.

    The thing below the lilliput is the controll unit to my surround sound processor.

    Attached is the before and after. I molded the front belez of the lilliput into the the dash peice by dremeling out space for the lilliput bezel, epoxying the lilliput bezel inplace, bondo, sand, sand, sand, paint, bondo, sand, sand, bondo, bondo, sand, paint, bondo, paint, bondo, paint. I started on thursday and finished it this afternoon. I spent about 12-14 hours over 3 days.

    I am really pleased on how this one came out. It is not 100% perfect but looks professional enough for me.

    Let me know what you think
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    Has that OEM look I like... looks real nice! good job
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      Thanks Squid. that was what i was going for.
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        Top work mate, looks great, im doing the same in my MR2, ill post picks when finished,
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            Looks very professional. Nice Job

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              Thanks for the comments. I am surprised nobody has told me i need to work on it some more. I like constructive criticism
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                It looks horrible... work on it some more... it is not up to the "elite mp3 gods" standards!

                Great job, i like how you utilized the pocket space as a place for your HU.
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                  yeah seriously...

                  go back to playdough
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                    You guys...... Playdough.....haha

                    I will post some better pics. Those were taken at night. I will take some better ones during the day.

                    Thanks for the comments
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                      where's the 'killer app' to make the install?

                      Looks nice.
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                        Originally posted by Enforcer
                        without pictures from a few more angles, can't give you a full appraisal.

                        On first inspection it does look good, although I'm not sure how smooth you've got it.
                        X2, Can't really comment until I can take a better look at it.

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                          For close inspection and a more detailed answer, mail to:

                          82 alford rd
                          great barrington, MA 01230
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                            Nice design. Looks maybe a bit wavy on the right side ... though it's hard to tell from only 1 picture.
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