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  • Spare tire well

    Is it possible to fabricate a box that can fit in the tire wells, but still give me access to you spare tire. (and could i sound deaded it so that it wont rattle?)
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    you want to fiberglass a wheel well to hold a spare tire?

    be more clear please
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      I am designing a system now that basically replaces the spare tire cover with an assembly holding an amp, 2 - 12" subs, the computer, and maybe one of those plasma circular plates. It would just fit over the area where the existing spare tire cover would go on my car.. and be attached through the bolt that holds the current one down. - Fiberglassing Tutorials!
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        I am starting my spare tire well install today. I am putting two 12" subs and two 4 - channel amps in there. I'm not gonna be able to fit the spare tire in there but I have roadside assistance from hyundai so I'm not really worried. I'll get pics up as soon as I finish.
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          sorry, i musta been on crack when i wrote that, its suppsta say is it possible to make a box that will give me room to access my spare tire still, heh, sorry
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            Umm, i guess it depends on your car? In mine there is barely any space left when the wheel is in the well. I just finished my wheel well project yesterday... will post some pics later tonight. Didnt have the camera handy yesterday.
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              i put my computer in the spare tire... just pop it out and you have access to the spare...
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                I've built a box which fits into the spare wheel. You can see a picture of it in this thread Look out for the picture which says Merc Boot (trunk)

                The box lifts out giving access to the spare wheel. Also useful when I need to take it into the house for maintenance.

                Box is made from MDF with the motherboard, supply and harddisk mounted to it.


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                  i did this type of install on my car,, have a look if it helps
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                    Thanks for all the replys, answered all my questions, im going to just build a custom carpc box, amprack, subbox, and see how it works out =/

                    worst that can happen, i have no room for my spare ;x
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