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    OK, i did some reading, and i see that some people reccommend other products(that have nothing to do with sound deading but do the same thing) but i do read about some downfalls(true or false, watever) anyways, i live in san antonio TX, and it gets pretty hot here during the summer, they say the heat in a idle car here is about 130(windows up ect). so what are some cheaper products than dynamat(4sq for $37 at bestbuy) that wont melt in the heat, smell like crap in the heat, or destoy my car all together.
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    spare tire well.
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      OK heres another one...about how many sq ft should i need to do my entire trunk? I used about 8sq just on the trunk lid and part of the trunk where the lid attaches to. Maby im not doing it right or wasting it, but hey, you can read and itll sound easy, but you can only learn by experience
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        I played it safe and bought 100sq ft of Brown Bread off ebay for $100.
        Covered the entire interior with it.


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          How's it sound?
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