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Accord lcd question - placing lcd deeper in dash

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  • Accord lcd question - placing lcd deeper in dash

    I'm ordering a lilliput 7" vga TS this week and I'm going to install it into my dash.

    I noticed aznblueboi's dash job and it looks great however, I was thinking of placing mine deeper into the dash to provide shade and make it more sunlight readable.

    I realize it probably wont's look as flush and OEM as aznblueboi's but I feel that with some work, it may look professional.

    What do you all think?

    Here is aznblue's thread with a pic of the the dash:

    thanks in advance to your help.
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    Have you thought about putting it in the sunglass holder?
    I will be installing a small display (rear view camera) in my Accord 4-door, in the sunglass holder.
    I may have to lose the map lights (but with NAV you dont need map lights)


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      The sunglass holder? That seems to be way out of line of site. It's above my head and is way to far back. Next time you drive, try looking at it, it's near impossible. I was thinking about putting it in center tray (where the cigarette lighter is) but I don't like looking down and the shifter would get in the way. Plus I spent all sunday, moving my head unit there.

      Still a good idea though. I've been trying to figure out something really cool to put in the sunglass holder, something that nobody else has done. I especially like how it opens so smoothly.

      What do you think about my orginal idea, to put the screen like 4 inches into the dash where the double din is? I was thinking of using mdf board to make a frame then molding it, and painting it.
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        Four inches might be excessive. Is there a way to temp. power-up the screen and try different depths. Your right the sunglass holder isn't an ideal place for that peice of equip.
        My install will be only for PS2 (if i can get it to work) and a rear view (maybe)
        NAV will be in place of stock HU.


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          I have a very cheap LCD and I never had any problems with sun.
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            Wild random idea

            Hello owners of Accords
            I think if you spend time and carefully fabricate a box...look at the very hurried and cheap design below...made out of wood, and then covered with bodo and paint....
            This will require cutting a piece of the plastic for the wood or the cap to stick out...i want to get a spare dash consel and do this
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              I have a '95 accord, but I got the windows tinted for sun reasons and to deter theft
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                Wow..didn't know there was all these accord owners here. That's great.

                My lilliput comes in today. but I won't have access to the car this weekend to test out the effects of the sun.

                I have my car with 35" tint all around (except for the front windshield)

                The diagram is what I was thinking, i'll play around and see if it is necessary. I was thinking of using MDF wood to make the frame (box).

                99 Accord coupe
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                  I just finished making my console dash for honda accord 97 of out bondo, fiberglass filler and my jeans....will paint tonight....
                  i have to construct from scracht....cuz i want to save my factory one....
                  i was able to bit my xenarc, kenwood headunit in there but i have to relocate the clock, emergy signals, security down below so i can see the screen better...up high


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                    icet, Can you post some pics of your install? I have a 97 accord and would like to see what you did. It sounds nice, since the stock location of the radio is a little low.