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Need help mounting LCD in '99 Tahoe

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  • Need help mounting LCD in '99 Tahoe

    FYI I realize pictures would help... I don't have a camera, but if someone thinks they can help me, I can find one from a friend and post those.

    I am still in the planning stages of my car pc project.

    I have considered several options, and though I could possibly be convinced otherwise, I am pretty sure I want a screen mounted to the back of the dash, rather than a fold-out or a mount kit.

    The problem is that I want to mount it cleanly and have it look factory, and have no idea how to pursue that.

    I guess I am looking for:

    1. suggestions for a touchscreen that would mount and fit well in the existing 1.5 DIN GM opening.

    Currently the dash layout, from the top down, consists of the 1.5 DIN stock HU, the AC controller, then below that sits a seperate stock single disc CD player module. I am hoping that something like the Xenarc 7" with 16:9 aspect ratio will fill the opening completely on the left and right sides (without having to cut), leaving me to increase the vertical opening. After that, I will remove the CD player module completely, cut that opening bigger, and move the AC controller down to that location. Lastly, I plan to place my new HU in between.

    To accomplish this I realize I would have to remove the screen from the housing. Is there anything I am forgetting? Hmmm where do I put the screen control buttons?!

    2. How can I get that screen mounted to the dash so it looks factory?
    IE - trim still matches the texture and color of the existing dashboard plastic, screen is fit and squared, and bezel actually forms around it. Im not looking for help so much with the physical mounting, more of the art form of how to enlarge the opening and how to fill in and clean up the resulting gaps, cut marks, mis-colored glues or bondo (if I have to use that) etc. Also, can I clean up the move of the HVAC control so it looks stock?

    3. Lastly, if I am having to cut the dash, how can I get the edges of the dash bezel to 'roll' inwards again after I have cut them, and still have them match the existing factory radius and texture? To explain more clearly, if you look at the dashboard plastic around your factory radio, you will notice that it 'wraps' or 'rolls' inwards. I want this same effect around the screen, if it is possible.

    I am always surprised at the lack of threads about this topic... This to me is the main stumbling block to installing my carPC. Are there dash or bezel kits I am maybe not aware of? Are there other options, like shipping the dash panel somewhere and getting this done? Are their certain shops that specialize in this in my locale? HELP!

    FYI - I have also considered replacing the passenger air bag with the screen, but it is too far to reach from the drivers side.