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any idea on how to accomplish this??

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  • any idea on how to accomplish this??

    Hi I a noob to the site, but this would be my second glass project,(the other turned out great) My question is this, in the pics below, the guy used 2, 5 gallon buckets as his enclosure, how would you support that underneath the back dash(It is out of an eclipse, I also have an eclipse)I will be attempting this project soon.
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    he probably has the woden rings on under the speaker to screw into and then molded it to the buckets


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      Check out this website. The information contained in this guy's pages should give you the knowledge that you need. He shows step by step three different fabrications, making the MDF rings, and more. He also answers email pretty quick (within about 24hrs.) so you can email him but please read his pages first before taking up his time. Everything you need is right there with lots of pictures. This is definitly a site to bookmark.


      PS. He also as a CarPuter project going on but he needs to update his pages.
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