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Cup Holder to DVD conversion

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  • Cup Holder to DVD conversion

    I just finished (well almost) installing my Storix DVD + CD-RW Combo Drive today in my dash. I sacraficed my cup holder (RIP ) but it was worth it. I took the cup holder apart and dremeled out all the internals and fit the drive, after that I built rails out of some plastic I had laying around and some hot glue to guide the drive into the cup holder enclosure. Then I packed the sides of the drive with packing foam to give it some shock resistance. The only think left to do is build 2 little plastic covers for the holdes on each side of the DVD so it looks pretty but I'll do that when it stops raining outside

    DVD in modified cup holder:

    DVD back in dash

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    looks pretty good to me... Just wish these drives werent so flimsy. I have visions of it being ejected and somebody trying to use it as a hand hold.


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      This drive is actually pretty tuff. Not as tuff as a slot load but still tuff enough for this application


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        Thats a cool idea, nice RCA's too. I did not have a space to mount my DVD in the dash so I stuck it in a cubby under the dash with velcro.
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          If it was a hollow CD rom like the one here you could still have a cupholder lol :-D
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