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  • Cheap Tools?

    For those of us that don't have a lot of tools/money, I have been buying a lot of tools from Harbor Freight lately. Their stuff is not the best quality, but they do have really good deals on certain tools that we could use in the fabrication of carpc stuff. Anybody know of a cheaper/better place? I buy most of my other stuff from Sears or the Depot.

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    You've pretty much got it down. I get mine from Canadian Tire and Rona, the Canadian equivilents of Sears and Home Depot (respectively).

    They're not the best, but they do get you by. $17 for a 53 pcs Socket Set isn't bad.


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      If you are in the states and want good quality tools at a reasonable price, get craftsman (from sears) Whenever I fly to the states I make sure that I have a list of things to get. like when I was there last month.
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        Yes, I am lucky enough to have a Harbor Freight store about 20 minutes away.
        Sears is only 5 minutes with a Sears Hardware Outlet (I think that is what it is called) about 10 minues away.

        Meddler can't you buy Craftsman tools online?

        Another tip to save money is to join the Craftsman club, I have saved upto 75% just from getting the card swiped there !
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          You probably can, but it is better to see exactly what you are getting. Sometimes there is also specials and I end up buying more
          Never let the truth get in the way of a good story