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  • Noob needing suggestions

    first of all, im sorry if i overlooked the answer to this in a prev thread.
    i have a 96 mustang with a pretty big dash to work with. ive already planned on relocationg the ac controls, but i was wondering what would you guys suggest to build the lilliput touchscreen into the dash with, fiberglass, or bondo. ive heard a lot of good things on both, but i wanted some exact, either/or options. any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

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    Although each application is different, as you know. I find that bondo is alot easier to deal with and the results come out looking better. I would not use bond to try to fill in open gaps or anything like that though. Bondo is very britle, were fiberglass can be used to fill/create new surfaces.....

    Take a look at some of the other posts/links that other members have done with plexiglass as a backer and bondo as the finish....Looks great and easy to work with.

    Good luck...
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      I'm using fiberglass as the structural surface (filling gaps, creating the "skeleton"), then using bondo as a filler over that... Never had any problems doing it this way yet.
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