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  • Fibreglass in UK

    came back from my local halfords.
    they have plenty of fibreglass stuff.

    had a full kit, resin, cloth, hardner etc.. for 12.99
    bondo too (P38 / P40) about 5 a tub

    should be keeping me entertained for a few days

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    i bought that kit too mate from halfords, very good, however i failed my project so now looking for someone to do my work.

    Tip, dont make too much mixture up as it becomes like jelly.

    Good luck
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      Fibreglass mail order.

      hi folks, i recently bought some fibreglass from , which is short for east coast fibreglass supplies...... resin and matting really cheap and it came the next day.



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        thats brilliant, theyre about a third of the price i usually pay, think i might as well resin every panel in the car for that price!
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        Fitted, Running.
        boot install to tidy when better weather arrives


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          Yea its good to stick to between 4-8 Oz. at a time, otherwise it gels up. Just make sure you follow the directions and use the right amount of hardener.

          Warm weather = less hardener
          Cold weather = more hardener

          Happy glassing.
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            but what stuff do you buy from them?
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              what do you mean,? polyester resin and chopped strand matting to do my sub box.


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                get your p38 filler from partco, big drums work out cheaper, and when they say a price, ask if they have any cheaper, as they often try to sell brand A as it has a higher markup than brand X.......

                Is all the same dont think a better name means better quality.
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