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MK3 VR6 Custom dash questions.

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  • MK3 VR6 Custom dash questions.

    Hi guys, been reading these forums for a while, and this is set to be my first post - Woohoo.

    I've been really impressed with some of the custom dash boards that people have been making, especially the VR6 10" install. I have just also bought a Mk3 VR6 (My dream car since I was 15 ) and i'm in the process of installing a PC into it. I don't want to just stick the lilliput screen onto the dash, or put it in that big hole above the gear stick, I want my car to look hard . Only problem I have is that I am useless when it comes to making things. Hell I was even thrown out of the cut and paste class at primary school for sticking my head to the table

    Is there anybody on these forums that could help me create an in dash monitor? I know there are really great tutorials, but frankly, that aint going to help someone like me .

    I'm based in the UK, but love driving my beast so I may even take a trip over to Europe for a laugh

    Many thanks in advance and apologies if i've wasted a minute of your life while I blabber on hehe,


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    Don't worry about this guys. I've just ordered the in dash conversion kit from

    Should solve my problems : )


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      If you were in Oregon I'd have my friend do it, or I'd do it myself What car do you have? Mk3 VR6 doesn't tell much, as VR6 can be either a Jetta or Golf or GTi. Hell, it could be a Cabby too.
      1993 BMW 325is - 15.2sec


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        I spose it doesn't really does it hehe.

        It's a Golf. Only got it last Saturday and i've already taken it through 4 tanks of petrol. She's a beast

        I reckon i'm going to use digitalww's in dash conversion kit for the screen and then mount my epia M10000 in the space just above the gear stick. Should be just enought room for the board and a hd. Hoping there will even be enough room for a slimline dvd rom as well. If I mount the unit on a custom case I should be able to remove it easily enough when I need it.


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          Yup should work well, I did that in my Mk3, but computer in a showy case in the trunk. Mine was Jetta tho.

          What type of MPG does your VR6 get? You should look into getting a CAI and a chip, up's the MPG a bit, plus about 10-15whp gain overall.
          1993 BMW 325is - 15.2sec


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            At the minute I get about 9-15 mpg around town, and about 27 on the motorway. I do tend to have a bit of a heavy foot mind, so I am my own worse enemy on that front. I've started sticking to between 75 - 80mph on the motorway and it's amazing the difference it makes to your consumption.

            I was talking to a guy at AMD who recommend a remap. about 350 I think. I'll check the chipping option as well.

            I'm now driving far more carefully as I can directly see the effect my driving is having on my wallet