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where to mount screen?

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  • where to mount screen?

    Here is a picture of the dash of my truck (04 Chevy Silverado Crew Cab). I plan on getting an epia mobo and building a case to put under the passenger seat and having a lilliput ts. My only dilema is where to put the screen. I want to leave the stock stereo and to not have to tear up or drill anything if possible. Any tips on mounting it I was thinking of some type of mount that sticks to the top of the dash and holds the screen in front of the air vent or radio since I really won't need to change anything on the radio when computer is in use. Also the mount would need to be a quick release so i could hide the screen when car is parked.
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    EPIA MII-1200, 512 MB Ram, Seagate 7200 RPM 160GB hard drive, Orinoco Gold with 5.5 dB external antenna, Lilliput 7" TS, DVD-ROM, M2-ATX, Rikaline 6010 GPS, Running Frodo Player
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    re: mounting monitor

    I have a chevy tahoe which is almost identical in the interior, have you consider making a mount in the space under the airvent to the right of the air conditioning controls, then using either a gooseneck or speaker wall mount. Might need a little fabricating.I couldn't tell if you have just the space their or the cup holder. Moving it down there would keep out of the sun and ventilated. I saw something similar here>


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      You could replace the passenger side airbag (or that area if you dont have one) with the screen.

      Also, you could use a visor mount LCD screen. It depends on what you are trying to do with it I guess.