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Can someone measure their lilliput for me?

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  • Can someone measure their lilliput for me?

    Do you know how to use a ruler?

    It was a toss-up of whether I should post this in the LCD forum or fabrication. Obviously I figured fabrication would be more suitable...

    anyhow...I am asking anyone who has their 7" lilliput open and extracted from the case, or anyone who has these measurements...

    I need the height, length, & depth [depth is most important] of a lilliput unit, sans back of case. I am still considering using the bevel, but it depends. so if someone can give me these measurements [please say whether or not you included the bevel], it will help me a lot!

    please use the metric system

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    aw c'mon guys!


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      Search can be your friend.


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        You are lucky, I am in a good mood today. Not to be rude but did you check thread titled 'FAQ: Everything you need to know about your Lilliput'. U know, the sticky one that pops up at the top of your forum listing? Check message #37 (they are numbered in the upper right corner of the message.


        For the depth, thats a tougher issue. There is the screen itself, and then there is the circuit board, and lastly there is the casing. These can be separated. The below might help. There is enough info in these to rough out your dimensions. If you need more detail than this you will need search.


        With case:

        If you want to convert US measurements to Metric, .

        Type in the Google search box 'convert xxx.xx inches to centimeters' and it will give you the answer. Works for temperature and etc. too.


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          SCHOOL's Out!!!
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            yes...i read those threads...thanks for the sarcasm. what i really need is the depth. thanks.

            i'll just wait until i get my screen.

            EDIT: 6-6.2 mm depth


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              Originally posted by antimatter
              SCHOOL's Out!!!
              Is it 4:20 already?! Wheres my lighter!


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                Originally posted by slushieken
                Is it 4:20 already?! Wheres my lighter!
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