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  • No spare tire

    So who here has given up using their spare tire? As in, whose taken out the spare and put in a computer or a subwoofer or anything else into that space?

    What are you doing about not having a spare tire now? (that's the real question).

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    i've been like that for a while... i have AAA and tell their *** to get me a flatbed, or if i'm close, i get a ride from someone to pick up a spare

    other than that, i just keep an eye on my tires and make sure they're ok
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      My car doesn't come with a spare. guess I better join AAA
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        I have free towing through my dealership for the next 5 years. Then I also have free towing through my Sam's Club Plus membership... If I wanted to take out the dinky spare I could. I just don't have any room in the apartment for it and I dare not take it to mom and dad's they want to get rid of the stuff I have up there now.


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          I have run flats on my car, so I'm not too worried about a getting a flat, AND I have AMA (Alberta Motor Association, same thing as AAA). I put my amplifier (and might move CPU) in the spare tire well.


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            Interestingly, if you drive an old Renault (flimsy French car), the spare wheel used to be housed in a drop-down rack under the rear of the car, rendering it stupifyingly stealable. Nice one Renault.
            I'm not sure if they still make them like that now though...
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