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    The only problem that I see is, the space is too small not to cut up the dash, and I am not sure that I would like to do that. I would have to cut 2cm out of the top and the bottom to make it fit, and I dont think bondo would look good in a dash like mine. The dimensions of the hole are about 17cm X 10cm and the Lilliput (18.7 x 12.5 x 3.3 cm). Any ideas/advice is welcome.

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    Have you taken the Lilliput out of its case? The screen itself is signifigantly smaller than the case. Other than that, there's always the bottom route...putting it to the right of the lighter. Or, you could have the screen anchored over that slot that isn't big enough, but not actually in the slot...

    And while I'm at it, those GM trucks sure have lots of extra dash space between the top of the dash and the windshield. My dad has a GPS unit about the size of a Lilliput mounted on the top of the dash of his 95 Suburban, so I figure it could work about the same for you. There's enough free space up there so you're not really obstructing your view too much.


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      For my setup i needed to fit the 7" lilliput into a special carbon fiber housing that was made for a 6" screen. So i opened up the lilli and took everything out. Next i cut the front face plate, so that all that was left was the inner frame of the screen. then i rerouted the ir reciever to a different location and i got rid of the buttons.

      You probably wont need to get rid of the buttons but here is the cut i recommend for you. (in the pic)
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      Carputer: 2.8Ghz P4, 512 RAM, 120gb HDD, WIFI, TV tuner, CDRW/DVDROM, Slot load DVD in front.
      Screen: Lilliput 7" touchscreen (Custom made Carbon Fiber Screen Enclosure)
      S2000 Carputer


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        Thanks a lot guys.