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Honda Accord Type-R Install almost finished!

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  • Honda Accord Type-R Install almost finished!

    Since my last post (See here) my install is now 98% finished, I've done the TFT screen, boot install, illuminated start switch, but I'm still waiting for my LED fans to arrive before I can finish the last panel that covers the PC! Other bits I've got to include later are an external mag mount WiFi antenna to go wardriving with, a USB hub to plug my wireless keyboard into, and status LED's in the front of the car.

    You can see all of my install pics on my website: *EDIT* My carputer website is no longer available. Feel free to browse my Enterprise Technologies blog here:

    Here's the spec so far:
    • Pioneer MP3 / CD Head Unit
    • JBL C608 GTI Front Component Speakers
    • JBL P652 Rear Component Speakers
    • 12" Maystar sub
    • Maystar QXT 455 Amp
    • Longmill 350w RMS amp (for sub)
    • Shuttle xPC (Athlon XP 2500, 512Mb RAM, 200Gb hard drive, DVD, Netgear Wifi)

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    Really liking that start button.... any links on where ya got it?
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      I got the start button from Ebay (UK) by searching for start button, it's normally used for engine start but there are loads of different logos available!


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        Gotta love that car
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          Realy nice install. Did you do it yourself or did a shop do it?
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            I did the install myself, but I was into the car audio competition scene 7 years ago where I learnt a lot back then. Now I work full time in IT, which is why I've got a new interest in carputers!!


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              wow. you're car is beautiful :') quick question. i have a motherboard that i am not able to use because i don't have the start, reset, etc. controls that hook up to it and i don't want to go buy a new case until i know the thing works. it is labled, of course, i am just curious how i could go about fixing it so i use something else other than a ribbon that matches those pins exactly, to start the computer. any ideas? if so my carputer will be so much better:P

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                if you are talking about the power button to your pc, what starts is up is a jump between the pins,, hell you could run two wires to the front of your car tape them to your hands and impress your friends by clapping and maKing your pc start ( wires hidden in sleeves of course)

                this is assuming this guys start button is for his pc power,, and this was your initial question.... BTW looks superb
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                  Amazing install.... looks great!! Sweet car too.....
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                    Thanks for your comments! I had to take a week off work to do this install, but it was definately worth it!!

                    Yes as PaCMaYNE said, I've basically run some twin core cable (cheap speaker cable would do), from the two pins on the motherboard (I've joined mine to the existing power button wires), and connected them to the start button in the front.

                    Eventually, I'll wire the hard drive and power LED to the front of the car too but I'm still on the lookout for some nice looking LEDs!


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             <---- the good shizzle


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                        Thought I'd bump this thread as I was getting a lot of hits on my website for the carputer install photos, although I no longer have this car or computer install

                        I can't believe it was almost 6 years ago now!