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anyone.. will these fit?

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  • anyone.. will these fit?

    Ok these two items are slim fit
    the lili is 7 7/16 wide and 5 tall
    the width for the dins is safe. as i measured that
    since this liliput has a remot eim trying to figure out if i will be able to modd the screen so i can chop of the bottom few buttons and only need the ir sensor and the power button. ill use remote for rest?

    anyone know

    lilput ebay - anyone buy from him before?

    heres the din slot im concerned about. its a dual dint but with 0 room for play on top/botom

    auto toys din.. know of anywhere else to buy this for cheaper?

    thank you!

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    I am gonna get my xenarc into a double DIN if it kills me! If you look in the "Show off your project" forum, you will find a seat LEON in there, has fitted the lilliput into a double DIN so depends on your car i recon, and how much room there is behind the console.
    I believe a DIN socket is

    60mm high x 178mm wide

    therefore making a double DIN

    120mm high x 178mm wide

    So, with a bit of widening (is this a word lol) of the gap my 195mm xenarc will fit and height wise only a couple of mm out. (Xenarc is 122mm high)

    Good luck, and let me know how it goes!


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      bahh humbug
      i think ima go with a indash in the bottom slot and leave my head unit alone... for now
      we will see where i got form there. but this will let me install my xbox. mwahahahahaha