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  • Mitsu On-Dash Project

    Ok guys I'm trying to figure out everything to make an addon dash panel on top of my current dash above the ac controls extending all the way to the passenger airbag cover... should be able to figure out where by the following pics...

    ok now I am planning to make this out of fiberglass... so what is the best way to attach fiberglass to plastic? also what is the best way to make a housing to hold the xenarc 700TS?

    Has anyone every done something like this or seen it done? any help is much appreciated
    Debating on installing a carpc in my Jeep.....

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    you are in luck, there is a fellow who used to be active on the forums, named Arby, and he too had an eclipse, and he decided to put an 8 or 9" lcd on his dash..

    his outdated website:
    Audi A4 (flickr pics)


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      You'll want to rough up the plastic a bit (i.e. coarse sandpaper) before laying the fiberglass down.
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        Yes I've seen that Install before... and thats not what i want... here's a pic (greyed portion is where the addon dash will go) I want to addon to the current dash so i can mount my screen, buttons, and other controls in the added on portion of the dash

        Debating on installing a carpc in my Jeep.....


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          good luck with your project...i have a 96 eclipse and wanted to do something similar to your idea, but as it came along it REALLY was way to obtrusive looking and didnt look good at all. its hard to add on to the dash without disrupting the natural flow it has, so good luck and cant wait to see it


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            Yes i'll def keep you guys updated
            Debating on installing a carpc in my Jeep.....


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              I just finished the other day in my 4runner what sounds similer to what you want, is a dash pod kind of for your screen.
              I started with the head rest mount framed it with 1/2" x 1/4" trim wood covered it with a t-shirt covered in resin then fiberglass about 3 layers then bondo, sanded for a few days primed and painted.
              To get the dash shape I covered the dash in blue painters tape and held the pod in place and filled all the gaps then sanded, then I attached it to the dash with high strength double sided tape and its on their if I wiggle the pod the dash moves. Then i cut out the bottom so the air vents just point down now.

              It sounds like thats what you are thinking of just maybe a little more stream line shaped.

              you can see it here.

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                Yes that is the clostest thing Ive seen to what im trying to do... thanks for the pics
                Debating on installing a carpc in my Jeep.....


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                  alright... my project is finally underway, im gonna keep posting pics as i get them step by step
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                  Debating on installing a carpc in my Jeep.....