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sharing the cost of a proffessional mould

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  • sharing the cost of a proffessional mould

    i love this forum, great source of information, the carPC is now fully configured, powered, in the car and with everything working just right. trouble is its perched on the back seat at the moment, wires strung across to the passenger seat where the LCD panel is, not particularly what i had in mind :-)

    so ive now turned to this section of the forum to make my carPC much more of a permanent fixture and installed rather than just resting on seats.

    the key to this whole thing for me is getting an OEM proffessional look, *the* thing is the LCD bezel, in my opinion it all depends on this one crucial part.

    ive read all the threads on glassing, gone through all the many excellent guides and have learnt one very important thing, get somebody else to do it ;-) the turning point for me i guess is when i strarted to read the bit about the resin fumes causing irreparable lung damage and attacking your nervous system :-)

    ive approached a manufacturer to find out how much it would be and to my surprise it aint that much, well, relatively speaking that is. Perhaps 100 for the design and glassing mould, another 100 for a fibre glass shell then about 20 or so for the actual product which you can then have as many as you want until the mould breaks. the final product can be textured and colour matched. ive also thought about perhaps making it over sized so it can be cut down to fit a number of different holes.

    im willing to go the whole cost on my own if need be, for me this part of the project has to look spot on and flawless. my greatest admiration to those who have managed to pull off superb jobs themselves but im just not capable of doing this.

    theres three ways i can proceed, the first way is to say nothing and keep this to myself but i dont like this way, i prefer one of the other two. secondly i could go ahead with my own designs, get my own mould and sell copies of the product to anyone that wants one, an uplift above the 20 will be charge to recoup some of the mould costs. the third way is i get together with some of you guys, we design the mould specs together and share the costs.

    let me know if theres any interest here and which way you'd like to go. you can contact me on [email protected] or just reply to this post.

    my car is a BMW X5, its got a double din hole, perhaps 50% wider that conventional, my screen is the very lovely Pixelon SP-7VGA, nice unit, bought from this forums shop. I live in Surrey, UK.