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LCD Mounting questions, PopOut? and Chassis for Bare pannel?

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  • LCD Mounting questions, PopOut? and Chassis for Bare pannel?

    Well Hi guys, i just got back from europe so i'm pretty behind on the past 3-4 months of stuff.

    I have an allbrite to mount in my mustang convertible, and lets face it, the allbrite is a big screen (10.4") to mount into that dash and will never fully look stock/right unless i have a professional mold made. And if it doesn't look 100% perfect i will never be satisifed with it, and i will never mount the thing. I was straying away from the popout mount but now i think it might be my only option for the time being.

    Today i was playing around and i found out that I have enough room back there to slide the entire allbrite 'into' the console, of course the screen is to wide so i have to rotate it 90 Degrees and put it in lenght wise.

    What i'm looking for are some pop out mounting ideas. I need the screen to be able to rotate at least 90 Degrees due the fact it has to go in sideways. I was thinking maybee some sort of goos neck aparatus, relativly simple, and functioinal, and would give the screen a fairly free range of motion? Or some sort of elaborate rail system which i'm not entirely sure how to construct at the moment, but i do have a vague idea as to how it would work and could probably figure it out. I also think it would give a cooler appearance than the gooseneck. Has anyone done anything like this? Know of any prebuilt products? or have any ideas?

    Another question I have is this, My allbrite is a bare LCD, does anyone know of any housings i could get for it? Or would i have to construct my own?

    Mounting the LCD is really the hardest part as far as i'm concerned just because it's the one thing that has to look perfect, once i get that done the rest of the project should flow like water.