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VW Polo GTI - Xenarc in dash- Pics

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  • VW Polo GTI - Xenarc in dash- Pics

    Well after a week of P38 and elastic fillering ing eg fiberglassing and 'bondo-ing Ive finally managed to get a result im happy to show off.

    This is a Gain 700TSV molded into the double din of a 2001 VW Polo GTI. Managed to match the dash paint very well but as its not in the car yet its hard to demonstrate this.

    I started off ny demeling out the hole so the front part of the screen would fit itn the hole. Then i fiberglassed (P40)around the edge and from the back to give it support around the edge. Then i sanded it slightly and the started filling with some elastic filler and sanded etc etc from there. I hope the elastic filler 'give' abit more with the sun etc etc and will not split like bondo or P38 can. The when i thought i had a decent shape i sanded the whole thing down and plastic primered the top area of plastic as the whole thing had to be resprayed, the just grey primered the whole lot. Saw some imperfections so fillered small areas and holes and primered again to work until i was happy. WHen i was i primered the whole thing again P1200 sanded it all and began the top coat. I used some Holts acrylic gloss black held back about 30" away from it and did loads of light coats to built up to this textured look.

    Had a few probs en-route. Was hard to get the edges of the screen rounded and looking nice but a few primers and sand sessions later it looks OK. Also the buttons initially at the primer stage didnt fit properly as the filler and printer had made the holes just a tiny bit too small but again minor issue sorted now. Luckliy NO HAIRS at the painting stage, happy days. Only 2 on the final light coat which i just puled off when dry with no probs as it was such a light coat. WHen i was putting it together i was crappin myself the connector at the back woulnt fit but i managed to remove the plastic surround which gave JUST enough room for it to fit. Even detailed the little symbols near the vents happy days

    Lemme know what ya think

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    As stock as it can get. Super nice job man. Congratilations!
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      Verrrry niiiiice! Bondo?
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        Excellent job, looks really good. What type of paint did you use?
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          that is off the chain, how on earth did you repaint the whole thing without spraying over the white numbers near the ac vent dial?
          Mine needs to be updated.


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            Well it wasnt bondo if was this stuff in the UK made by Plastic padding called Elastic filler. The fiberglass was the matt is resin stuff called P40.

            I repainted the whole thing, painted over the vent symbols then repainted them with white touchup and a steady hand.


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              very very very nice!!!! The next time you visit the states let me know I will let you work on my Durango or Jetta any day!
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                Very nice indeed

                Like to see the work in stages though.


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                  EXCELLENT WORK! Post some pics of it installed.


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                    excellent work!
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                      cheers for the kind words guys. I couldnt have done it without mp3car so i thank you all.


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                        Originally posted by live2themaxuk
                        cheers for the kind words guys. I couldnt have done it without mp3car so i thank you all.

                        You deserve it. The paint looks excellent. I'd love to see more pics of it installed.



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                          that is a real nice install, it looks stock and official, u got more pic of it installed
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                            One word... WOW! That looks AWSOME! How bout pics of it installed in the ride? I cant' wait to get started on my fabrication... gotta get the ride running first though! Anyway... more pics?

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                              My car is in the garage ATM and i wont install it until its back out og the garage. i thought they may mess it up, scratch it or summinik . As soon as its out ill post more pics