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Micro atx case for "in car" use...

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  • Micro atx case for "in car" use...

    I have to mount my micro ATX motherboard (24.5*24.5 cm) ahlon XP 1900+, in my car and I'am looking if there is any micro atx case designed for this use. It cannot be larger than 10*26*30 cm... so it must have a very low profile to fit under the seat! I'am going to build one myself or to use a different kind of box modded for this use.
    Anyone knows if there is something useful already done? (I need to put inside the case only the mobo and a 3.5" HD... power supply and DVD rom are outside!).

    Many thanks! Paperinics

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    everyone that i have been able to find are ridiculously priced. if you find anything that works for a semi cheap price be sure to post about it
    Progress: | All materials Purchased...