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  • finishing help?

    I plan on putting in a car pc soon. I plan on putting the screen and dvd/cdrom under my head unite using fiberglass.
    Now I used fiberglass before to make kick pods which came out nice I covered them with black pleather which is a lot easier to work with than vinly.
    Now since this is going to be right in the middle of the car I want a nice finish, I was thinking about paint but is it possible to get a nice result using spray paint? any ideas?

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    i ended up using for my fiberglassing work on my dash flexible bumper paint the one i got is not flat but not shiny and its verry stong wont chip but i bet any flexible paint will do.
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      Use Vinyl Dye. (Sems or Plastikote). Its works very well and will never flake off.
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        Yes the vinyl dyes or semi-flat trim blacks in spray cans work very well on small parts. Commercial body shop quality spray can paints like SEM are the best of all but cost at least double. I have Sikkens Rallye Black (best true acrylic urethane semi-flat black I've ever used) and commercial spray equipment here and I still use spray cans for the little stuff.