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Xenarc installation help in 300M

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  • Xenarc installation help in 300M

    Hey guys,

    I need some help with a plan to fabricate a new dash bezel for my car. My initial plan was to make on out of MDF, fiberglass it, bondo it to smooth it out, and paint it. I am going to move the AC controls from the top of the bezel to the bottom, and put the Xenarx 7" on the top. The problem is when I took out the OEM bezel it is really thin maybe 1/4" or less, I am wondering will my plan make it to thick or is there a way to thin down the MDF to make it look OEM? Any other methods you guys might suggest would be appreciated. THanks for your help.
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    are you gonna make a whole new one?? if not, just take out the HU and put it there.


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      The problem is if I put it where the HU is, is really low while you are driving, you have to look really down to use it. That is why I wanna make a new one and put it up to. Thanks.


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        what is below the head unit????? could you drop the a/c controls to the bottom and put the lcd at the top???


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          Hey Joel,

          That is what I am planning on doing, its just that I need to make a new dash bezel and don't know how to make it thin like the stock one.


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            what i did is find another one on ebay or junkyard and fabricate it the way you want to. then you still have yours if you mess up or want to make it stock again


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              also, Chrylser / Dodge / mopar cars use a Din and a half Head Unit. Double Din's are ideal for 7"widescreens (Xenarc, Lilli's). You'd have to extend into either AC or whatever it is below the HU> the other option is to use an in-dash kit like digitialww's and install it just like you would a din stereo (but keep in mind they're slightly wider). That way, you'll also get a more optimal height in terms of where the actual screen will be so you don't have to look down too much.
              It would come out and be about where your AC controls are. Plus you can tilt up/down and left/right for optimal viewing angle.
              And with the remainding Half Din, you could put a slim DVD/CD rom drive.....


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                Hey Joel

                Do you have pics of your install?


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                  I will have some up in the next couple of days....

                  check my other post for pics