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Will this mask work for fiberglass?

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  • Will this mask work for fiberglass?

    I was suprised at the limited selection of masks I was able to find online...most were $25-$40, which makes me curious as to why this one is only $7

    Half-mask Respirator

    The filters at the bottom of the page also seem to be much much cheaper than elsewhere.

    So..will this work, or is there a catch that would explain why it's so cheap?

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    I think so

    I'm pretty sure that the mask will work but when it comes to fiberglass resin, you will need the Organic Vapor Filter. And I dont' know because I havent called, but It looks like you have to order the filters in bulk.

    Organic Vapor Filter $2.45 x 100 = $245.00
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      I've been working around fiberglass here and there for 20 years, and I can appreciate the need for a respirator, but if you have some ventilation (working outside) a little glasswork on a dash panel will be virtually harmless. Do you wear a respirator everytime you spray paint? Spraying paint is way worse even if its just from a spray can.


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        I picked up a respirator from pepboys for $20. seems to be doing a pretty good job keep the fumes and dust out.
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          I never wear a respirator when using glass bondo. But when I use resin I do, even if its just a little. I nearly passed out one time a couple years back. You can buy the correct filters in 10 packs at Home Depot. Dust filters, they do nothing (said in best McBain voice)!
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            cool. thanks y'all. I appreciate the info.


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              Just work in a really well ventilated area and you should be OK with a dust filter... I bought a cheapy one at homedepot but it said it was ok for fiberglassing...
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                No need to go all out like that. Dust mask will be fine.

                I know... Or i'll find out otherwise in my old age. Lets just say I fiberglassed and bondoed in the garage with no ventillation. But sanded outside without a mask.


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