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Absolute smallest a Lilliput can get?

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  • Absolute smallest a Lilliput can get?

    As the title implies, I need to know the smallest possible dimensions of a Lilliput (or comparable screen). This includes removing it from the outer casing, disconnecting/relocating circuit boards, etc. I think I'm down to millimeters of getting one to fit, so I need to know the bare minimums, if anyone has those measurements.


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    Check with Armen from digitalww. He has it somewhere on his site.
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      The Lilliput internal dimensions (stripped from casing) are 165mm x 105mm
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        The panel itself like they said is 105mm high, 165mm wide. The casing adds 20mm to the height and 22mm to the width. If you take the buttons off, you're gonna have to put them elsewhere... or at least the IR receiver so you can switch the inputs.