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A complete plexi glass

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  • A complete plexi glass

    Hey guys, I'm planning on building an all-plexi case for my carputer project.....I have never worked with plexiglass, so I will be playing around with it before I start my final design. I've heard stuff like if I don't drill correctly, the plexi will melt. A friend of mine brought up an interesting question.....on extremely hot days in the summer, if the case is sitting in the trunk, would it melt?
    Considering the heat of the trunk, and the heat given off by the components, is it a good idea to go with an all-plexi case? or should I go with aluminum? I don't know what the temperature durability of plexi is, so I'm not sure if this is a good idea.

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    check out to see how those modders have dealt with drilling, cutting, and polishing plexi. One thing to consider is the static properties of plexi. If you check out you can get static resistant plexi.
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      Plexi will be fine. If you dont drill it right it will melt but only in the immediate vicinity of the hole. It wont ruin your project or anything. To minimize the gluing of joints, what I would do is bend as many corners as you can. This can be done with a propane torch from Home Depot or wherever. Dont put the flame directly on the plexi or it will bubble. Just hold it a few inches from it. If it starts to smoke,discolor, or bubble move the flame farther out. Run it back and forth along the area that you want to bend and soon it will become plyable. Then bend it around something to get a constant radius. I didnt do that part- just held it so that gravity pulled it down and bent it. Hold it at 90 degrees long enough for it to become hard again. It will be stronger than gluing it. Heres a link to the solvent and they also sell sheet in clear or colors.
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        bending plexi..

        the plexi i purchased at home depot had a protective cover on it.. when i heated it with a heat gun to bend it, the protective coating was very difficult to get off.. i'd suggest taking the covering off before heating.. i simply held the heat gun about 3 inches away from the plexi and bent it using a piece of metal piping.. came out real nice.


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          How worried bout static should we be? Im wondering whether that was what killed my pc :S
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            Keep in mind ther thermal properties of plexi. It will hold in heat like it's its job. Make sure you have plenty of case fans to keep it cool.

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              ive seen someone use an alcohol solution to bend n cut plexi. of course you will have to ignite it to get the heat. i think as long as everything is grounded it should be protected from static.


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                I've always found it difficult to get strong, perfect corners with plexi. So, I took the easy way out and used L-shaped aluminum pieces and pop-riveted the whole thing together. I used a spare motherboard to get proper dimensions.

                I know you're shooting for a complely plexi design, but if you have a jigsaw, this is a less complicated and faster approach...
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