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What to use to paint tan dash in 2001 tahoe?

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  • What to use to paint tan dash in 2001 tahoe?

    Most of the custom dashes I've seen have been painted black. In my 2001 Chevy Tahoe, I'm thinking that would probably look ok, but I think tan colored paint would match the rest of the interior better. Does anyone have suggestions for a brand of paint that will give me a perfect match? Most of the color matching paints I've seen are for exterior colors. Do they make color matching paints for interiors?

    If nothing else works, I thought about going to Lowe's or Home Depot and getting them to match a color, but do they sell anything that will work well on plastic and bondo? Any suggestions appreciated...



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    How about some interior paint? I work for a dealership and we have interior paints that matches the OEM dash colours... perhaps an automotive store might be helpful.
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      krylon fusion i have heard does good jobs on dashes, that's what i'll be using to redo my jeep interior

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