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should i use bondo to do this? suggestions...

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  • should i use bondo to do this? suggestions...

    So im trying to find a way to mount my new 8" xenarc in my grand prix w/o taking it apart and voiding the warranty.

    Here's how far i've gotten:

    here's the xenarc secured into the sub-dash with part of its metal stand screwed into the top of my ashtray assembly:

    this here is the modified dash piece placed over the xenarc:

    annnd here we have how far the xenarc sticks out past the modified dash piece, clearly unacceptable :

    I have two questions i suppose:

    1) Would it look better to paint my red dash piece a color as close to that aluminum xenarc bezel as possible?

    2) Should i just gunk up a bunch of bondo to make it flush on all 4 edges? That sounds tedious, is there a better product to use when needing that thick of a filler on something?

    Thanks for your help.

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    or I wonder how a white dash piece would look with the silver/aluminum... the outside of the car is white, wouldnt be half bad


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      Get rid of the screen stand, and push the screen back until its almost flush, superglue it in place, then use bondo-hair (bondo with fiberglass strands) to mold the two pieces together, sand that and cover with regular bondo to smooth out.


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        the screen is already flush and fully secure to the sub-dash...

        plus there is no way to connect the pieces without taking the bezel off, which means taking the screen apart, which mean voiding the warranty, which is my main concern

        so i was just wondering about how to build up a bunch of plastic on that red dash piece to make it flush to the screen, i'll probably try just heaps of bondo later today...