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Another Matrix Indash install: Questions

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  • Another Matrix Indash install: Questions

    Here is what I've got so far: The screen in the dash piece with fiberglass bondo, then a coat of reg. bondo.

    My questions:

    1. How do I fill the pin sized holes left in the bondo? (the best way)
    2. How do I keep from getting them?
    3. How do I wet sand. This my be a dumb question, but can some one give me some tips? Thanks all.

    MatrixPC you install looks great too!

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    1. there is a few suggestions on here somehwer
    2. no idea, not sure you can but maybe it is something to do with mixing, temp and humidity
    3. use 'wet and dry' and water. I do it in the sink (or bath if it is my alloys). You may also want to use some soap to get a very very smooth finish. TO be honest unless you really want a glasslike dash then normal sanding is ok as plastic generally has texture and a smooth dash shows every inperfection and may look too handmade.


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      1) I use Bondo brand glaze and spot putty.
      2) Mix the darn thing well before applying them. I use Altimat method (heat gun). I don't have heat gun so I use hair dryer with low speed and hight temp. After apply Bondo (I use SEM bumper repair), use hair dryer to heat up the material so it became more "liquid" like and fill in evently.
      3) Get a "wet and dry" sand paper (grey/black) on and start sanding. I do dry sand first then move to wet sand. Get a bucket of water and start sanding. Becarefull when you do wetsand because if the filling material didn't completely dry, it will came off (also because I didn't sand the area well before filling). That is how I mess up mine and I have to fix it up.

      Best tips of all. Take your time, and one at a time, and wait for material to completely dry between each step.
      Look good so far.
      BTW, I am not an expert on this area. I just learn from the expert on this forum and a lot of SEARCH and googling
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        You will get them no matter what. I ignore all but the largest ones (fill these with bondo and a razor blade scraping across in both directions) until after the first coat of primer. Then fill the small ones with a razor and spot putty. Spot putty is just thick laquer primer. I use Sikkens Kombi. Allow it to dry well then sand the first priming/spot filling and reprime. They should all be gone.

        Better quality fillers will give you less pinholes. Bondo brand is the worst filler money can buy.