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  • My bright white light mod

    Hey guys, while I'm working on my carpc, I have another mod in mind I'd like to try....basically this mod will involve creating flat-lights....I got the idea for this from a pc mod I saw. Here's a link to a flat-light:

    Ofcourse, at $20 a piece, I'm not gonna spend $ on these lights. Instead, I've decided to build my own using LED's. I will run a 12 volt line from my car into about 5 of those flat-lights. They'll be positioned to give me enough light so I wont have to turn on the dome light. The switch for these lights will be somewhere near the dash. I have ordered a bunch of bright-white LED's on ebay, but they'll take almost a month to get here because its from Hong Kong.

    In the mean time, I'd like to work on creating the white cube-like holder. Once those are made, I will add a piece of glass that will take the led light and magnify it even more. Now, I don't exactly know how to create those white cube-like holders.......I was thinking of using fiberglass and bondo to create my own, or find something to substitute for them (example:the top of an air-spray can).
    I would personally like to use some sort of fiberglass and bondo procedure to create nice cubes....only because I've never worked with those things and want to learn as well. What do you guys think I should use to create the holder?

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    plexiglass maybe? you just have to build cubes? i think plexiglass would be ok.. even if its at least for a frame. then you could smooth it out with bondo. you really wouldn't need to use fiberglass...
    rebuilding carpc... kinda..