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I think I am goign to need some help on this one.

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  • I think I am goign to need some help on this one.

    I've been trying to come up with a way to conceal my xenarc in my dash. I was thinking about doors, such as the Scion tC and the Nissan 350z use, but decided it was not the best option for my application.

    What I think I want to do:

    I would like to have my xenarc panel double sided so to speak. I want to mold a double din blanking plate to the back of the xenarc.

    When the car is on, the xenarc moves forward and flips over, exposing the exnarc lcd, then it slides back into the dash.

    when the car is turned off, the lcd moves forward, and rotates back, exposing the blanking plate, and then sucks back into the dash.

    it seems to me that i will need two linear actuators, and two rotary motors, but i see some of you have some rc experience, and may be able to offer some good information.

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    personally, i would make a cover that would move, and not the actual touchscreen because of wires and other possible problems. but i would choose a cover because you could also make it to cover the not go all the way down, and use part of the top as a 'sun' shield. im not sure exactly your situation, but plan it out, write your ideas on paper, and check them out the next day. seems like some ideas sound really good when you first think of them, but out loud or on paper you have second thoughts.
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      ive considered the wire problem. i have figured out how to avoid any problems during rotation. my concern is with the actual motor controls, i think i have everything else down.

      ps. my first though on your avatar. ( hey, that cat has a shiner boch) then i looked at your location, and it all came together.


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