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What materials needed to flush mount Xenarc?

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  • What materials needed to flush mount Xenarc?

    I'm going to "attempt" what many of you have done and flush mount a xenarc screen into my dash. I purchased an extra case (now I have to find a screen, long story) and I'm ready to go.
    The job is very simple and does not require much if any filler material. if you look at the photo below, you will see a double din radio with 2 small flat sections next to it. I just have to secure the 2 sides to the xenarc case and make smooth.

    Would a generous reader mind listing the materials I will need? I would appreciate specific brand names if you have them.

    I know i need various sand paper, a plastic binding material, bondo, primer and paint correct? Which would you recommend and have i missed anything?
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    Did you check my fabrication process?
    Basically it is very step by step and including materials I used.
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