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Steps to sand and paint bondo?

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  • Steps to sand and paint bondo?

    Hi all. Im redoing my ghetto fab screen install trying to make it look more factorish. So im using bondo right now to mount the screen bezel.

    Now can someone walk me thru the steps on how to sand the bondo and the paint it to give the the most factory look and feel?

    Like what grit of sandpaper should I use? Do I need primer before the paint? How many coats if so? After paint should I use some sealant thing or anything?
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    I start with 80, and always use a block. Obviously a standard sanding block is too big, so I custom-cut one for most applications out of 3/8" balsa. If you use the self-adhesive file paper you can just cut and stick it on. Get it all straight with 80, then finish with 180. One final thin coat of filler sanded with 180 will get 90% of the pinholes. Save inside and outside radiuses for last. Leave the edges sharp until the very end so everything is true, then create consistent radiuses. Straight inside radiuses can be made perfect by using a chunk of brass tubing as a form.

    Click here for priming info.

    Hope this helps.


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      start with something gritty then move to the smaller stuff - 80 - 100 - 220 - etc....

      when mixing the bondo don't mix it on cardboard as card board has some chemicals in it that cause more pinholes than otherwise. this is your biggest problem with painting. will you be painting it yourself or will you take it somewhere.

      As for primer, you will need a filler primer. If you are going to be taking it to someone to paint, let them primer it. If you prime it you might run into a few issues with your primer not mixing well with the painters stuff. Then you will be creating more work for the painter.

      Just a few thoughts!

      Altimat is right as well!
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