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next to-do: chassis front pannel buttons, need your suggestions

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  • next to-do: chassis front pannel buttons, need your suggestions

    I am currently evaluating an idea of adding front panel buttons to my 2DIN chassis. Just to be precise, I will assemble my chassis in double DIN slot of my cenetr dash so it will be fully accessible, just like your stock radio unit. I am planning to use PCB from old PS/2 keyboard, which I will connect via EXT_PS2_KEYB connector on my EPIA-M motherboard. Front pannel buttons will be then wired to a PCB just like std. keyboard buttons do. I am also planning to route my factory steering wheel controls to same interface and test it as soon as I have working prototype in next step.
    If there is an interest, I will take some pictures of mock-up prototype for those who are interested and post them here.
    Now what I need your help for: I am looking for as much factory looking button array as possible. Something you can for example see on your stock radio. Anyway, I am not willing take apart my stock unit just to get buttons :-) Moreover, my factory unit is single DIN only...
    Thainking about what buttons would be handy, these are probably essentials:

    4 arrows
    button to act as "Enter"
    button to act as "Esc"
    button to act as "Alt+Tab"
    Vol+ button
    Vol- button

    Would you have any ideas where to get some nice "factory" looking button array of at least 9 buttons?
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    dont tell me noone has a single idea. even a dumb one, i can handle it


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      Looks good mate - do a quick search on ebay ... I'll see if our electronics places here in the UK have anything


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        seriously just take the face off the exisitng head unit and use the switches to control a gamepad or summit. just be carefull. The switches will be simple tactile ones pushed by the fancy buttons. jsut take eveything out from behind and get some new tactile switches.


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          But some old electronic component and use the buttons out of it.


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            check out teh ipac2 keyboard emulator... I'm using this board instead of the keyboard hack and it is amazing. it'll be much easier to hook up and you can map the 'buttons' to any key that you want (i believe even key combonations).
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              I have my interface figured out and tested. I am sure I will go with keyboard PCB connected to ext. keyboard pin header on EPIA M. Its extremly small, cheap, and easy to work with. Moreover, I have mechanically broken keyboard I can take PCB from. No additional software is needed. So the only thing I am looking for is something to take nice looking buttons from, preferrably illuminated, with corresponding symbos printed on caps, but I really do not want to tear apart my current stock radio.
              But for sure using some other device with suitable front pannel to take the buttons from is something I am looking for.


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                These are not illuminated or labelled, but might be good for fab work. I don't mean panel mount, but if they can be taken apart, put the outer frame flush into some plastic so it looks like part of it.