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  • Fake Floor Fabrication Question

    So i wanna make a fake floor to make all my amps and PC look the shiznitz as you do... whats the point in having everything in the front look stock if it looks awful when you open the boot....

    so heres my question. I wanna cover the amps and PC over with MDF and carpet, my brother had all his amps and speakers nicked once, so im very cautious about showing stuff off. If I sandwhich the amps inbetween 2 sheets of MDF with about 100mm gap between the 2 sheets and drill holes in the top of the wood, am i gonna have heat problems, or will it work fine so long as the ventilation holes arnt covered... should i mount some fans to get some extra circulation under there... all help greatly appreciated

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    First off check the specs of your amps most will tell clearance needed over them, well atleast my JL amps did. You are definally going to need atleast 2 fans, one push one pull. I built a circuit that keeps the fans on one minute after the amps are turned off for good measure. You can see how I did my trunk here : link although the picture are now outdated.


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      cheers, nice install did you do the delay for the fans??


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        nice install! im too lazy to do mine haha


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          just get some computer fans, I just ordered some super quiet 12V fans for $5... they have a thermistor in there so they actually speed up and slow down as needed... kinda cool...
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            very impressive stonewall....makes me wanna rip everything out and do that
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              Originally posted by thecommiser
              cheers, nice install did you do the delay for the fans??
              There are a couple ways to do it, the easy way is to have a RC (resistor and cap) hold charge and keep transistor turned on that in turn keeps the relay on.