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5.6" Screen in Alfa Romeo 156 Dash (BIG IMAGES)

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  • 5.6" Screen in Alfa Romeo 156 Dash (BIG IMAGES)

    Firstly Sorry about the size of the images

    Secondly this took about a month from start to finish, i have enought spade behind there to get an ITX motherboard so thats the next step.

    I have a touchscreen kit on the way as well so full touchscreen GPS.
    This is the main reason for it reall nothing flashy like movies and that, thats what the ones in the visors are for ;-)

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    Nice start.

    Your screen bezel needs some work though. Get out the sand paper and bondo and get a block sander and sand and fill until you get rid of all of the uneven mountains and valleys. Also try to get your lines right around the edge of the screen they arent symentrical.

    Another couple hours and it will be perfect
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      Looking pretty good. Isn't it a little low placed. Can you see clearly whe the car is in the first, thrird, fifth gear?
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        Easy enough, its linked into the stereo so i get voice navigation anyway so all thats needed is a quick glance, the best bit actually is the proximity to the gearstick becuase i can use finger tip control without letting go. Out of interest have now covered in carbon vinyl so looks really oem now



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          Any pics of the covered dash?

          (I sent you a PM about your post in the OEM sticky)


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            What 5.6" is it? Looks good, I would try to smooth out the bondo work tho.
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