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Need someone/someplace where I can get a a molded ABS bezel piece fabricated

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  • Need someone/someplace where I can get a a molded ABS bezel piece fabricated

    I purchased a car LCD monitor from EBAY. Unfortunately, the item doesnt look exactly like in the pictures. However, I am deciding to keep it. The problem is, there is a bezel on the face of the monitor (when it is closed) that is purple. The rest of the face is all black. My dash is all back, and the purple on the bezel really stands out in a bad way. I can take the bezel off the face. It is like an acrylic/plexiglass type. It is not solid in color, but more like translucent type that has has been dyed purple. I would like to color this like a matte black. Sort of like the finish on ABS plastic like on the faces of car stereos. Does anyone know where I can get this done? I live in NY and cant think of any places where I can get this done. I wouldnt mind getting an exact molded copy of this piece in ABS material that is black in color. Any suggestions?

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    i would try dyeing the bezel black first - i dont know for sure if it will work on plexi, but my friend uses regular rit clothing dye to die his vinyl rc helicopter parts. if that didnt work, i'd see how coating it with SEM texture coating looks. if the look still wasnt right, i'd look into making a silicone mold of the part (with texture) and see if it could be cast with dissolved abs like in another thread currently seeing a lot of activity.


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      Rit only works on plastic with a high moisture content like nylon. Just paint it black.