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Need more space for Xenarc

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  • Need more space for Xenarc

    I just pulled my dash to test fit my monitor, and I came up about 1/4" short of putting my Xenarc into the stock double din headunit space. The top and bottom both have little lips that I should be able to take off to make it fit.
    My question is: What is the best way to remove these lips without destroying my dash piece or needing to clean it up with any fab work? I would like to just cut/sand/whatever the lips off and be able to use it just like that.
    Attached is a pic of the bezel.
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    Thats gonna be tough. You'd need mechanical help there to keep it all perfectly even and clean. I can understand your reasoning tho, cuz of the texture of your dash.

    But its gonna be hard. Dremel is the tool of choice for most of us.
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      you might consider cutting the top 1/4" of your monitor case off. My Lilliput had about a quarter inch of wasted space in the top. I had to notch a corner to miss a dash bezel mounting clip on my (in progress) install.

      That or see if you can inset the monitor behind those lips...