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Headrest and visor monitor installs

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  • Headrest and visor monitor installs

    Hi, im new here and i am looking for a little help, i would like to install 2 headrest monitors and a visor monitor, i am looking for step by step instructions on cutting the headrest and getting the monitor in as well as the visor. I am currently looking for a spare set of headrests and a visor so i do not have to cut my only set. i have found one step by step already but i just wanna find as many as i can so as to simplify the process of actually installing them when the time comes, i am leaning towards tview tft's because they are a good size, good price, and good reviews from altimat, if you have any input, have a monitor to recomend or have installed visor and headrests monitors please let me know and feel free to show pictures
    Alitmat's is a great guide but there are still some parts i don't understand like how to take the leather off of the headrest (cut the center?) and how to get it back on and where to cut foam and fill it back in so that it looks good, then how to get the wires to the floor without seeing them (down the back of the seat?)
    all help is appreciated. Visor install especially. Thank you

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    The best way is to completely reapolhster them. An apohlstery shop doesnt charge that much. I like to do everything myself, but to get these to look right, you need to completely recover them which should be done by someone with a lot of practice.
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      in order to re upsolster i would have to contact chrysler and get more leather and roughly how much do you think it would cost?


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        Well the manufacturer got the upholstery on so you can get it off. The seam on the bottom separates easily and you just pull off the upholstery. Seat backs are basically hollow. Again there is a seam on the bottom of the seat back upholstery. Mine had a zipper. Open that and fish the wires through with a solid wire.


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          check this out found another great guide for install but im still in need of visor install help


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            That is an easy method for big headrests that smaller monitors fit into easily. You should be able to do something very similar with your visors. Just go for it.