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  • So here is some progress

    I finally finish the new brackets for the radio and it looks good so far......
    I bought all the good products that Altimat recommended:

    Evercoat metal glaze
    3M Automix epoxy
    3M adheresion promoter
    3M spot putty

    My questions in what material to use in the trim part to divide the lcd and the radio.I cut a pice of plexi and fits but I don't know if when I go to the painting step the plexi would look any close to plastic (maybe sanding it good)and apply filler on top(tried this and it looks good also,very solid) or maybe get a pice of platic from somewhere (don't know if there is any place local that sale it) and try that better......

    And my other qustion is with the metal glaze..... how to convine the putty with the hardener the instructions aren't to clear (at least for me) like with the 3M automix that say "1:1".

    Here is a pic of what i need to do.....
    Basically the gray part is the detachable trim part that goes in top of the xenarc and the radio,what I need is to make a division between the two.

    thanks for any recomendation......
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