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Need help...where to mount???

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  • Need help...where to mount???

    I have a 1996 Impala SS and I have no ideas whatsoever where to mount my screen. I have pics below, in case some of you dont know what it looks like (they are not my car, just pics I found)

    Now, the most obvious place for people to say is in the center where the AC/Heat and radio is, and that would be cool, but the where would I put the AC and radio? Well some might say an overhead console, or in the center console, but Ive heard overhead consoles are very hard to do, and I do not have that center console, so that is not an option. Ive also heard in this car that you cannot move the ac/heat, because of levers, vents, etc. But maybe if i could at least move the radio, i can get a screen to fit below the ac/heat? Anyways, what everyone elses opinion? Thanks

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    move the radio and put it under your seat maybe?? it looks like you have a cupholder that slides out? if so pull the cupholder out and make a housing for your heater and ac controls and fiberglass it in there. than you have room for a nice 8 inch screen!! thats what did in my truck..relocated radio to center console armrest..relocated heater controls to glove compartment and used the space for my 8 inch lilliput touchscreen. i recomended puting it in the cupholder spot because this way you dont have to extend the ac wiring.
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