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Is Bondo too stiff for this project?

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  • Is Bondo too stiff for this project?

    I'm trying to intergrate a bezel into the center cubby of an 05 Subaru Legacy. The problem I see is that the center cubby is not secured by screws to the center console, instead it has snaps around the top and bottom. This means removal requires a screwdriver to pry it out, and installation is a forceful tap around the edges to snap it back in place.

    So if I integrate the bezel and use a filler material, it has to stand up to this not so delicate procedure. Will Bondo work or will it crack at the first sign of stress? Anyone have a filler material they would recommend that will bond well to the plastic (ABS I think) and will tolerate some bending and stress?

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    have you read this?


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      I'd use fiberglass.


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        Originally posted by Pestilence
        Thanks Pestilence,

        I guess I should have tried solvent as a keyword. But this sounds like a good idea, I still have lego from when I was a kid.


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          Mine is almost finished - will have pics as soon as I remember where I put my digital camera

          Mine is held in place with epoxy and then trimmed with bondo and then glazing putty. I'm moving the clock where the ashtray is as soon as the display mount is finished.
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            You could try Evercoat Poly-Flex. A little runny to work with but made for repairing plastics/urethane bumpers on cars. It can flex 60-70 degrees without breaking.

            I'm not sure about your dash, but mine is Polypropelene. I had to flame treat it for proper adhesion. Which basically is running a torch over it long enough for the plastic to loose it's shine, but not burn. It's not as hard as it sounds (though scary). I forget what it does, but the flame changes the chemical makeup of the plastic and allows better adhesion.
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