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Need a lot of Help am a Newbie to fibre glass

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  • Need a lot of Help am a Newbie to fibre glass

    hi! ppl i am looking to making a custom bumper in fibre glass for my car i do not have the required information or skill if any one can help with guided stepd on how i go about would be appreciated also do let me know what the components i need aor preferably the actual chemial names than the market names thanx all !
    looking foward to all the help!

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    youre killin me...youre first post and you ask for a detailed tutorial of a subject that is just about as massive as they come? did you search AT ALL?

    anywho... im not gonna type up a tutorial for you, but lucky for you someone already did.

    is a good thing...try it out. that was the first reault to my search.


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      you might want to start on something a little smaller to get the hang of it. It's not really that hard, it's more the prep work that takes the time. Also make sure you follow the directions for mixing the hardener taking into accound the temperature and humidity of the day.
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        here ya go.


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          ~H. Charles


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            oye amit saab :-D namaste haha sorry for yall that dont understand it.... yeah read some posts man there are alot of tutorials and stuff and best off all way to learn is trial and error haha