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GM double din mount

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  • GM double din mount

    I thought I would share some photos of a 7" xenarc display mount to fit a double din GM vehicle that I am making. The buttons are to replace the Xenarc buttons along with the power LED was replaced with a blue LED.
    I have also added a USB port. The four screws are hidden behind the dash when it is installed.

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    Nice! Very reminiscent of a panel mount LCD for an airplane, nice fab!
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      Its very nice. Did you make this yourself or find it somewhere? So how about some details and pictures of the backside! Any in car shots?


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        Wow! Is that machined or what?


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          niceeeee i just picked up a 96 chevy blazer prolly gonna do something pimp like that :-D


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            Powder, what was the technology to mannufacture the bezzel and the buttons?
            I need to figure out how to manufacture front bezel to my double din chassis (pc, not LCD).


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              I think it is very classic/simple looking which is exactly the look I am going for in my Impala.
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                that looks awesome.


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                  Ah ha! I back tracked the pic links and it seems a company is selling these machined STEREO HU facia's for about $40- $50 USD.

                  From looking at the site I bet he works there or had them custom fab one for his screen.


                  I kinda like it.


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                    Here are a few shots showing how I connected the buttons and LED to the xenarc display. To wire up the buttons I just connected one wire to ground and one wire to each button. I removed the power LED and attached a couple of leads so that I could add the blue power LED.

                    The design of the buttons is very simple but works well.

                    Here you can see the buttons and IR sensor

                    This shows the back of the button area and the LEDs. The top LED is the power LED and the two next to the buttons are for the button illumination that is connected to the dimmer wire in the vehicle.


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                      dude thats awesome, you might want to start hitting the GM car forums i know a few that would be interested


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                        Like me :-)
                        2005 Black Chevy Impala
                        Current Status: Installed in Vehicle/Testing 75%


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                          Ok, so either you work for this company, which sells the exact same display you have pictures of, or you stole their pictures and took credit for their work.


                          Either way, thanks for posting pictures of that screen, because it's absolutely *****ing butching! If you work there, then your company has an awesome product, but if your trying to fool us, and I hope that's not the case, then ***** off.


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                              What Gm vehicles will this fit? All i am aware of is a din and a half i was not aware that there were double din radios in any of their vehicles
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