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Honda Odyssey 01 8" lilliput TS indash

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  • Honda Odyssey 01 8" lilliput TS indash

    I installed the LCD in my Odyssey minivan.

    this is what it looked when I tried everything out... the computer is VIA EPIA-m10k and I initially wanted to mount it in the double din opening then mount the LCD on it, but I've found the depth of the opening is not big enough to clear the cables.
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    I took off the dash piece, and opened up the LCD and I found the LCD module itself would fit the dash piece exactly, with a little modification. I had to do some cutting, but no need to move the AC buttons.

    so I cut the double din opening bigger, used a piece of MDF to make a mount for the LCD, and glued two pieces of plywood to "squeeze" and hold the LCD in place. the controller was then mounted to back of LCD with four screws.
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      I used bondo to smooth out the gaps, but I didn't have any experience with bondo or any fabrication thing... I felt it's quite hard to work with bondo and I finally lost patience after several sanding... so I ended up with something not very nice, but it still works

      the computer is now mounted in the cup holder slot right below the LCD... not the silver laptop on floor. DVD/CDRW is together with the computer. HDD and ITPS is in back of the LCD.

      I will solder some wire for the VGA connection and others, so the connectors would not stick out of the dash board, then I'll find something to cover up the computer.
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        that looks cool just keep on working on fabricating it and making it look OEM are u sure the din connector on the lilliput will clear the dash opening and be flush?


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          the screen is recessed a little bit, about half inch... the connector is not a problem, although it's a little harder than before to put the dash back.

          also, I didn't paint the whole piece, just the part around the opening. you can see the edge of the paint if you look carefully


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            Nice! I didn't want to give up my HU or my cupholder (the Ody has so FEW cupholders!), but I didn't mind losing the CD holder.


            It was a tight fit, but not as tight as yours will be in the cupholder, I think! :-)

            Good job on the double-din fabricating! Me likes!
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              Post a better picture. It looks really good in the one you posted
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