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roof sunglass holder ... can you get them aftermarket?

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  • roof sunglass holder ... can you get them aftermarket?

    i've seen a lot of good ideas come out of people on this board using their sunglass holder. like relocating the face place of their head unit inside of it to flip it up/down/hide it. i want to do that.

    also i just read a post where someone put a microphone for voice commands inside it. that's also a great idea.

    my car did not come with a sunglass holder, and I was wondering if you can buy them aftermarket and install them. or how hard it is to install?

    or do you guys have any other ideas for "panel" type things to do what was mentioned above?

    thanks for the ideas guys!!

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    I know that 02 sentras have a roof sunglass holder. POS mexican quality... ruff edges
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      i just installed my VW sunglass holders which take the place of the oh $hit handles...i couldn't find any good installed pictures but here's the basic idea.

      maybe you could rig something up similar to this...


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        Let us not forget the best place to find aftermarket do it yourself plastic. The wrecking yard!
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          Originally posted by mattress
          my car did not come with a sunglass holder, and I was wondering if you can buy them aftermarket and install them. or how hard it is to install?
          The roof sunglass holder in the VW Beetle is held in place by two phillips head screws. Around a #10 size screw. There are two screw holes in the roof to receive them. Not sure how hard that would be to do in a car that wasn't designed for it.

          You might be able to remove your oh $hit handle and use at least one of the holes.
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            My 02 sentra came w/ one & it sucks...I broke it b/c it sucked so much
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              im gettin a overhead console out of a chevy suburban or a ford expedition and im going to have some custom stuf in it but im not sure yet u can pick em up at the junk yard and mess with em just find out what car has em and go searching for that car


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                Lol migel, mines holding up ok...I actually have like 3 sunglasses crammed in there! In any case, I don't think it's wide enough to fit a deck faceplate. Most A-Pillars should have some space behind it. Enough to fit one in there, just gotta rip it off and check!
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                  interesting ideas. i knew i could count on you creative guys.

                  right now i'm just playing with ideas. my stock radio is din 1/2 size, and i will be removing that and creating a custom bezel for a 5" LCD. underneath that is my HVAC controls. i would *really* like it if I could put a new single din HU there, but it will be too much hassle to move the hvac controls w/o too much modification.

                  so the alternative i had in mine was just hide the headunit somewhere, and extend the faceplate to somewhere.

                  I have a sunroof, so I can't get any kind of over head console. i've never seen (or heard of!) these sunglass holders until people on the forum started posting pictures. I figured that might be a good idea to stealth a faceplate.

                  along the a pillar is also a good idea, but I don't really want to turn my head side ways and fiddle with buttons and stuff LOL... and that requires modification to the pillar...

                  I can't put it in my visor because I have a mirror in there.

                  I guess another alternative would be to put it up in the top of the windshield where the roof meets. I guess i'll have to play around once i get the headunit to find the perfect spot.