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Is Epoxy sandable like Bondo?

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  • Is Epoxy sandable like Bondo?

    I'm getting ready to modify a single DIN pre-molded radio bracket into a double DIN enclosure.

    The attached picture is what I'm working with (by the way - I HATE autotoys). I'm going to first close off both front pockets (the DIN spot and the pocket) with a piece of ABS Plastic that I plan to cut to the size of each hole and epoxy it into place (with Plastic Weld).

    I want to eventually sand the dried epoxy and cut the new 2-DIN holes. Than, I would bondo, sand, bondo, sand, primer, sand, primer, paint, paint.

    Is this a good plan?

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    epoxy is alot harder than bondo, still sands just more work!
    But IMO epoxy sands better (not easier) because its harder to dig a hole in like bondo.
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      Yup, epoxy is sandable, never tried bondo so don't know how it compares, but I did my entire piece with epoxy and it turned out great.
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        Great! Thanks guys!


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          automix plastic repair is very easy to sand.
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            You can get something called "finishing epoxy" made by z-poxy, it sands easier.
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              I think you can also add filler (microballoons) that might make it easier to sand as well. Altimat would be the authority on that one though.


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                Yup thats all bondo is - polyester resin with Microballoons (or in the case of Bondo brand - Talc ) added to it.


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                  Thanks for all the suggestions. I began chopping up the radio bracket pictured in the first post tonight. Funny thing is, once I dremel-ed out the pocket, the mounting tabs and a 2 mm sliver of the top, everything fits nearly perfectly. No need to weld in a piece of ABS and dremel out the appropriate hole.

                  The 700IDT I have is a little wider than my radio so, as you can see in the picture, it all works out very well (since the radio pocket is wider than the 1/2 DIN pocket). I just need to apply bondo, primer and paint this weekend. I'll return the Plastic Weld and get my $5 back. Wish me luck people!