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    Thanks for taking the time to check this long post out. I recently decided to redo my screen housing for my lilliput and ran into a small problem. After doing research on the board I decided to glue my extra lilliput frame to the dash but I seem to have got a little extra on the dash piece and it is VERY difficult to sand down. I used the glue from autozone that starts off in 2 seperate tubes and then you mix them together. To be honest it almost seems as if it is not going down at all. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem before? Seems like I am going to have to resort to using a grinding bit on a dremel to help out. If someone would be so kind as to host a pic I could show the problem. Thanks in advance!

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    sounds like a 2 part epoxy. usually this isnt very sandable. and you should be able to attach images here... look under additional options when you're posting
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      bust out the dremel and chop it out and then just fill it up with some bondo u shuda used hot glue that **** works better and is easier to pick off if not try some acitone on a cloth and try to burn through it


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        Here is the pic with a red outline of the problematic areas. I guess as another option I could use bondo to build the area up around it. Still take input. Thanks!
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          ouch 2 part epoxy, yeh I agree with XDJ try a dremel , you'll never hand sand that stuff down, I dont know about acetone, may soften it up, may cause some chemical reaction , not sure
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            what u can do is if uve seen the bits on a dremel they come in different shapes try to get a sanding bit small *** one and just dip into it basicly like V cut one from the left one from the right so the big messed up chunk comes out but ther eisnt a bigass gap inbetween kinda hard to explane but basicly like a piece of cake outta a whole cake haha im confusing u prolly

            but once u get that one just fill in the V gap with bondo use a piece of card board and when u lay it in u can make it smooth at once so u dont have to sand it down tooo much after that just continue with what ur doing and it shud work well

            this is the same process i used when a piece of wood started breaking into pieces i just hacked it out and filled it in wit bondo gooooood luck