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  • Parts Sites for Actuators Steppers Etc

    Thought this might be a good thread to start and if we get enough feedback make a sticky

    Many times I've found myself looking for linear actuators and or stepper motors. 12v motors Etc
    It seems when the question of "How do I make this open/slide out/etc?" comes up many suggestions for fabrication come
    But there are many ways to do so
    Price factors in for most people and if your like me you want to price out all the options
    So if links to all the different methods to accomplish the task are at hand
    It may help some people including myself

    a few sites i found helpful were

    If anyone else has good links to other online retail/wholesale companies that offer good steppers and actuators please add them as well

    Basically any good hardware related links are appreciated

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  • #2 has all kinds of stuff, if it's not in your favourites or your head, it should be


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      You should do your best to not shop at Select Products. Nearly everything they sell can be found elsewhere at much better prices. Personally I do not use linear actuators unless I am moving something heavy. I have used power antenna motors,door lock actuators, power seat motors, and power window motors to motorize stuff. Problem with actuator is cost, slow speed, bulky, and loud.